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The Project

SAVE is an itinerant project aimed at primary, middle and high school students all over Italy to raise their awareness on the responsible use of money and scarce resources.

The project stems from the need to promote a new economic model as widely as possible, focused on Saving as a planning ability. To make real a new circular economy model, the new generations should have access to the basic skills needed to manage financial and natural resources properly and responsibly, since they are not unlimited.

A conscious money management and a “zero waste” attitude are pillars of an educational approach consistent with the idea of sustainable and widespread growth that the project intends to boost.

Therefore, we decided to take the Museum of Saving and its multimedia contents and teaching labs “on the road” with a specially customized Scania truck: from October 2018 to April 2019 the SAVE Discovery Truck will travel through 8 Regions to involve children and teenagers through games and interactive education about the circular economy and the financial world.

Our mission,
because of a planet
that reduces waste
is a richer planet.
Aware and motivated,
because every single
action has an impact
on the economic, social
and environmental system.
Moving knowledge
along the roads
of our country,
sharing it with
the future
Learning by playing,
using interactivity
and exchanging
ideas and opinions.

The promoters

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To learn without ever getting bored and shared the journey to a future and without waste.

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