The Project

In a changing world, that experiments different ways of connecting and interacting, the Museo del Risparmio and the EIB Institute choose a new way of travelling and accompanying young people to the conscious use of financial and environmental resources.
This is how the S.A.V.E. Virtual Tour 2021 is born: an all-digital journey in which boys and girls of various ages can explore the themes of money management, sustainability and circular economy, through an interactive course made of videos, apps and workshops.
With the S.A.V.E. Virtual Tour 2021 learning in a fun way is just a click away: start your journey with us now!

Our mission,
because of a planet
that reduces waste
is a richer planet.
Aware and motivated,
because every single
action has an impact
on the economic, social
and environmental system.
Moving knowledge
by a virtual trip,
sharing it with
the future
Learning by playing,
using interactivity
and exchanging
ideas and opinions.

The promoters

Find out what unites us

To learn without ever getting bored and shared the journey to a future without waste.